Rotary Moment: “Answer to 25 Years of Prayers”

Rotary Moment: “Answer to 25 Years of Prayers”

Fort Mill Rotary Honduras Water Project

#TBT to a special moment for Fort Mill Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow Al Steele: “Ben and I had District Governor Terry Weaver and Governor Elect Lance Young and a few others in the village of Santa Cruz, Virginia, Honduras near the Guatemala border in 2014 checking on their progress on their water project.  We found them working on the foundation for the 10,000 gallon water tank.  They took a break to meet with us in a circle around the foundation.  After 15-20 minutes when they were comfortable with the Gringos in their village the oldest man in the village stepped into the circle and looked at us and said that he had been praying for 25 years for safe water for his village and that he thought that we were sent by God with his hand raised to the sky. I will never forget the look on DG Terry’s face when he said it.”


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